Friday, August 17, 2007


I came to US after marriage. I am from a very small town in Haryana in India and I had just completed my high school. Being educated in a small town in Haryana, I did not know to speak English. My family knew his family well from the old days, and so our marriage was arranged.

Like every other girl, I came to live with my husband and make a home with lot of dreams in my eyes. But my husband found me to be below his level of intelligence. He called me a villager and did not respect me at all. I was soon like a servant in his big house. He had a lot of friends, and whenever he invited them home, he told me to be back in the kitchen itself and never come in front of the guests.

Even though I was from a decent and modest family, I had my pride. I hated being treated like this, and I tried to reason with him many times. All I got was a good beating. He threatened me that he will leave me if I tried to create problems for him. I was left with no choice as my education and language skills left me with no options in a strange country. One day, he decided to get some one else in my place, and simply kicked me out of the house. He told me that he doesn’t need my services any more because he had another woman in his life. I cried and begged but he threw me out of the house. I was sitting on the road and crying when a woman came and helped me. She took me to her home and gave me shelter. I helped her with small household works and other works related to her business.

One day she told me that she knew a pundit who was good in helping people and that’s how I came to speak to Pundit Ji Maharaj. He asked what I wanted. I told him that I wanted to have my husband back. He said that won’t be too difficult. I did whatever Pundit Maharaj told me, and soon, I started working. The interaction with outside world really helped me and I became more and more confident. I learned the language and became completely independent.

After some time, my husband came to meet me and offered me to come back home with him. Pundit Maharaj had given me my self-confidence back. The memories of my life at my husband’s home made me disgusted. With the pundit maharaj’s help, I told my husband that I did not care to come back home to such a man who did not care for me when I needed him most. I turned him down, and that made me feel so much better and confident.

The look on his face, when I refused him, is the most cherished memories of my life. Now, with the blessings of Pundit Jee Maharaj, I am making enough money to sustain myself and help other women who are facing similar situations. Thank you Pundit Ji maharaj, you have helped me find my destiny and given me so much self confidence and a position to help others. I will always be grateful to you, pundit ji.


We were living a good life after marriage. Ours was an arranged marriage and we developed a strong relationship soon. We both loved each other and we did not realize how the time flew away. He had a decent job, and I was also able to make good money, and we had all the luxuries that we needed for a small family of two.

After two years of marriage, we decided to buy our own home and soon we found an excellent house. It was a really beautiful house two storied house with a huge basement and a big garden and backyard. It was all that we both had ever dreamed of for a home for ourselves. We were both very happy and thanked God many times for such a great house. Things started changing once we moved in to our new house.

Suddenly, the happiness and peace vanished from our lives. We were both fighting constantly without any reason. Whenever we were out, we were ok, but once we came home, we always ended up fighting. We did not know what was wrong. The things kept on going from bad to worse, and soon we were talking about separation. We tried sorting things out, and in our meetings outside on the way home from work, decided to see a marriage counselor. Counseling didn’t help much and it seemed inevitable that we will separate soon. We were both very distressed as we had developed a strong bond and it seemed difficult to imagine life without each other.

One day I was discussing the issue with one friend, and she told me that I should speak to Pundit Maharaj once before things really go out of my hands. I decided to call him and spoke to him. After hearing everything, he told me that he would need to do some prayers and find out what is wrong. After two days, he told me that something was wrong with the house and we needed to do some prayers to bring peace home. I forced my husband to speak to Pundit Maharaj, and after speaking to him, we both agreed that we should give it a try. Pundit Maharaj did some long prayer for us and sent us something to be put inside the ground in our backyard. We did as he had said. He also sent us some mantras to be recited early in the morning – we also did that.

To our surprise, we started feeling the difference. Our disagreements vanished. There was peace once again in our lives. I am surprised at this miracle. I never before believed in such things. But after this experience, now I strongly believe in the power of the prayers and recommend Pundit Maharaj’s name to everyone. Thank you so much Pundit Maharaj, for saving my family from breaking and getting our home back to us. Thank you very much.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


We had to go for a divorce after a long marriage. We had already had two kids, a boy and a girl. We could not adjust with each other but we both cared for the children. The main reason for our divorce is the new woman in his life. I always knew that he had an affair with one of the woman working with him, but I tried to ignore it for as long as I could. But hen the woman decided that she wanted to start living with my husband and my husband decided to go for a divorce to get married to her. We as is was, were not having any physical relationship with each other for a long time due to the bitterness between us, so it did not matter so much for me, but the thought that I might have to fight for the custody of my children was heart wrenching. I asked my husband to let the kids be with me, as the other woman might not care for them so much, my husband was adamant that the kids will live with him. I understood that he cared for them, but the thought of leaving my children to be cared by that woman gave me nightmares. As we could not sort this out amongst ourselves, the case went to the court. I knew that my income was not so good and my case for the custody was weaker than him. I was desperate to help my kids have a decent life but did not know what to do. A friend of mine suggested to get divine help in sorting this problem out. She suggested that I speak to Pundit Maharaj and ask him to do some sort of prayers for me so that I could get the custody. Since there were not too many options available, I contacted Pundit Ji Maharaj. After taking the time and place and other details of my birth, he made a chart and told me that I am going through the process of separation with my husband. I was shocked. From then onwards, I started trusting Pundit Maharaj with whatever he said. Pundit jee told me that I don’t have to worry. He could rectify the problem in my astrological chart and the separation would not be required. We will continue to live together and I will have my husband back with me and my children. I did as he told me to do. After an initial application in the court, my husband came to meet me one day and told me that he does not want to lose the children. I told him clearly that I would also not want to lose the kids, and I will not let a step-mother bring up my kids. Soon, I came to know that this woman had started having fights with my husband over the issue of kids’ custody.

In time, my husband realized the selfishness of this woman and came to me to take me back home. I did not want to go and live with him again, but Pundit Maharaj told me that it was the best decision for me and also for the sake of my children. Now, we are together again. This woman and shifted from our city and is not in touch with my husband again. Though we still have some bitterness left, but still I am happy that my kids still have a home and a family. Thank you so much Pundit Maharaj jee, you have done so much for me. I will always be grateful to you.


I was going through a rough patch in life recently. The job that I was in was not giving me desired returns. I was trying very hard to make it work, but nothing seemed to be working. This was my 3rd job in the last 2 years and it was not going well. Even after trying my best, I lost my job. I was facing a tough situation at home as well. My parents were trying to fix my marriage and I wasn’t finding myself ready for it due to problems in the job. I was not feeling settled. I had read about Pundit Maharaj many times, and when I was completely desperate, I got in touch with Pundit Maharaj. He asked for my kundli. I sent it across. After reading the chart, he told me that I was stuck in the wrong career. I should have been in my own business at this time and this is the time for my marriage as well. If I don’t get married now, then there would not be another opportunity till I was 43. So according to him, I had to get married within the next 2 years maximum. I did not know what to do. He told me that I should be looking at a Motel business because that’s where I will make my fortune. I told him that I did not know anyone in this line and I had no knowledge of this business. Pundit ji told me that I would find my life partner and my destiny both in Alabama. He told me to find out more about the place and maybe plan a vacation. Since I was out of job already, I was looking out for opportunities. I told my parents to wait for my marriage plans, and sold everything that I had in New York and took up a small job in a motel in Alabama. It was as if Pundit ji knew very well about this opportunity, he told me that I am on the right track and he will keep praying and my life will change in 3 months time. I was in for a pleasant surprise in Alabama. The motel was managed by the daughter of the motel owner and soon we were in love with each other. She was a nice woman and single. His father decided to get us married and with the next 6 months, I was married to the love of my life and became the owner of the motel. Now, its been 6 years since that day. I am a very happily married man and we have a beautiful daughter.

We own a chain or motels in and around the region. I sometimes think what my life had been if I had not called Pundit maharaj that day. He changed my life completely. He has such good knowledge of astrology and birth charts that he could predict the exact place where I will find my destiny. I am surprised at this miracle. I truly believe that Pundit Maharaj is a very gifted astrologer. I will always be thankful to him. I don’t do anything in my personal life or business without consulting pundit maharaj. Thank you so much Pundit Ji Maharaj.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A hand in need

I came into the US in the hopes of living a good life. I got married to a great guy, but somehow, the marriage did not survive. We had to get a divorce soon. He got to keep the kids. I was left all alone and very depressed. But, I still managed, and found love again. Now I have been with this man for 4 years. Though he is younger than I am, he still loves me a lot. Recently, I have been noticing change in his behavior. I have a nagging feeling that he is two-timing. Whenever I asked him for a commitment, he would just avoid talking about it. I was living in constant fear of losing him. I came to know about Pundit Maharaj from his TV ad. I called him one day in a state of depression. He told me that he could help me to have this person in my life for good. Since I had nothing to lose, I challenged him to prove it. After two days, when he met me, he proposed to me. He told me that he loved me and he has given it a serious thought. He wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I was thrilled. I called Pundit ji to let him know of this. He just laughed it off. I am very thankful to Pundit ji for this. I am so happy now. Thank you Pundit ji. Pundit number is +01144(0)7974445590

S. K Atlanta

Guide to eternity

I recently bought a property in my home country after saving a lot of my hard-earned money. It is the investment for my life later once I go back to my home country to live peacefully with my parents and my family. Just two months back, my mother called me and started crying. When asked her, she told me that they had gone to visit our property and found out that someone else was living there already. I was shocked. They said that he had all the required documents, and it seemed that the seller had sold the property to two different people. I was sitting here far away and there was no way that I could file a case in the court and win against them – not to mention that the case will itself take years to be decided. My whole life’s sacrifices were going to get wasted in front of my eyes. I myself cried many times at nights. I saw one of the ads of Pundit Maharaj, called him, and told him about this. He told me that they will leave the property within 7 days. I did not believe him, but since there was nothing else to do, I decided to go along with him. My mom called me yesterday and she told me that they had visited the place again, and did not find anybody there. It was all left without a lock. She waited there while my brother went and bought a lock to put on the main door. They have recruited a guard there for 24 hours now. It is better to pay a meager monthly salary to save the property worth millions. Thank you so much Pundit Maharaj. Please accept my mother’s blessings. Pundit number is +01144(0)7974445590

S. N. Virgina

Overcoming diccrimination

I run a small business and make enough money to survive. I am content with my life. Recently, I found out that one of my workers was stealing from me. I have been taking care of all my employees well always, but at the same time, mine was not a huge corporation that I could pay huge bonus or let my employees steal. When I confronted this worker, he threatened to sue me with illegal practices at the work place. I told him to leave the job without any legal cases and actions. He left and filed a case against me of discrimination due to his ethnic background. Though I am living and working in this country, I am still an alien. It created a lot of problems for me and gave me a lot of tension. My whole life became complicated and there was a possibility of being deported. I remembered one of the ads from Pundit Maharaj. When I called him and told him about the whole thing, he was not surprised. He said that this is the period of my life when there is supposed to be legal difficulties. He can handle it. After some days, a notice came to me asking me to report at the office. They told me that they could not trace the person who had reported against me. They found no records of the person, and thus the case was dropped. Thank you so much Pandit Maharaj. I can now peacefully continue my business. Thank you Pundit ji. Pundit number is +01144(0)7974445590

J.J Califonia